Reared in the "Wild West" of the USA, earned Columbia University doctorate, had professorships in New York, France, and Poland. Published 345-plus poems in 13 individual books, 145 anthologies, and many journals; 32 literary essays; a classic anthology; autobiography; a pioneer book on Langston Hughes; book reviews (some in The New York Times); and a CD (poetry with saxophone accompaniment).

In 1992, created a new literary genre, jazz-and-blues haiku, later read - often with musical background - in Europe and Africa (efforts basing his Sidney Bechet Creative Award in 1996).

The James A. Emanuel Papers, in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Gongress, Washington, D.C., contained at least 6,000 documents as of October 2000


The Treehouse and Other Poems (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1968)

Panther Man (Broadside, 1970)

Black Man Abroad The Toulouse Poems (Detroit: Lotus Press, 1978)

A Chisel in the Dark (Poems Selected and New (Lotus, 080)

A Poet's Mind (New York: Regents Publishing Company, inc., 1983)

The Broken Bowl (New and Uncollected Poems (Lotus, 1983)

Deadly James and Other Poems (Lotus, 1987)

The Quagmire Effect (Paris: American College in Paris, 1988)

Whole Grain: Collected Poems 1958-1989 (Lotus, 1991)

De la Rage au Coeur, French versions trans. Jean Migrenne (Thaon,France: Amiot.Lenganey, 1992)

Blues in Black and White with Godelieve Simons (Brussels: privately printed, 1992)

Reaching for Mumia 16 Haiku (Paris: L'insomniaque, 1995)

JAZZ from the Haiku King, with artwork by Godelieve Simons (Broadside, 1999)

The Force and the Reckoning (w/ autob., 59 photos, travel notes, bibliog. (Lotus, 2001)



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(General Editor) : "Broadside Critics Series" (including books on African American poetry by Haki R. Madhubuti, then Don L. Lee, Addison Gayle, Bernard W. Bell., Houston A. Baker, and William H. Robinson, (Detroit: Broadside, 1971-75)

How I write / 2 with MacKinlay Kantor and Lawrence Osgood (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1972)



32, among them the following titles (abbreviated references):

"Emersonian Virtue: A Definition", American Speech (1961)

"Langston Hughes'First Short Story: 'Mary Winosky'", Phylon (1961)

"'Soul' in the Works of Langston Hughes", Negro Digest (1967)

"The Literary Experiments of Langston Hughes", CLA Journal (1968)

"Fever and Feeling: Notes on the Imagery in Native Son, Negro Digest (1968)

"America Before 1950: Black Writers' Views", Negro Digest (1969)

"Blackness Can: A Quest for Aesthetics", The Black Aesthetic (1971)

"Christ in Alabama: Religion in the Poetry of Langston Hughes", Modern Black Poets: A Collection of Critical Essays (1973)

"Racial Fire in the Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar", A Singer in Dawn: Reinterpretations of Paul Laurence Dunbar (1975)

"Renaissance Sonneteers", Black World (1975)

"Poésie noire pour un siècle nouveau" La Traductière (1990)

"Entre bruit et silence: le poète" Sources (1997)

"Crossing the Musical Bridge: a Poet's Collaborations with Musicians", Anglophone Caliban 11 (2002)



On Langston Hughes, Robert Hayden, June Jordan, Charles W. Chesnutt, Peter Ustinov, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Lance Jeffers, Naomi Long Madgett, Hortense Calisher, John Berryman, Maxwell Geismar, Gay Wilson Allen, John Figueroa, and others



Poems in 36 exhibits, 1991-2000, mostly collaborations with Belgian artist Godelieve Simons, in France, Belgium, Scotland, the USA, and Brazil



The Treehouse and Other Poems (1968), first in the Broadside Voices series of tapes of "Poets reading their own books, in signed editions limited to 50 copies" (Detroit: Broadside Press)